All Bar None

22 Nov

Lurking in the basement of my sister’s eclectically designed, creaky wooden house in New Jersey, is a disused bar.  Surprisingly, it’s not a cool retro addition by the owners but was built into the basement – yes, on purpose – in the 70’s, which is amazeballs in and of itself.  Never mind that it’s now where my nephews’ foosball table is stored, and that it’s disused which is disturbing enough (criminal, even) – I thought it was brilliant.  And I want one!

Not seen The Ice Storm? Basement bars were all the rage back in the day, and while Americans are still pretty into their basement bars, some have cleverly updated theirs into coffee bars (Starbucks/Aroma/Lazy Bean in your own home, anyone?) which is also pretty cool when entertaining guests. And in the winter. And generally, in life.

Baby changing table turned bar cart! Credit:

I read this very cool post on the history behind the old school basement bar trend and thought to myself – yes! Project! Side issue: There was a bar in Leeds called All Bar One which I was scared of.  Now’s not the time to explain why. And anyway, this post isn’t even abour bars, stop distracting me. But it is about bar carts.

Elle’s Decor’s Top 10 Bar Carts

Given that my husband’s the last of the big drinkers (this is grown-up talk for ‘doesn’t drink EVER’) and that our apartment has zero room to accommodate a bar, it is not my devious but genius plan to install one. Instead, I am fixating on the equally retro bar cart. I thank Mad Men for the resurgence of interest in having alcohol readily available at all times (did we need Mad Men for that back in uni? no.) and for the introduction of  ‘Brandy Old Fashioned’ into my everyday parlance. 

Apartment Therapy  did this little summary on the comeback of the bar cart, which made me very happy. I wants to roll one around my living room, serving up delicious, hardcore liqour to the gals & sweet liqueur drinks to the boys in colourful tumblers while our guests kick back and discuss the economy/The Maccabeats/price of cheese.

Photo: The Jewish Hostess

Photo: Maison 21 

Photo: Noel Narie

Coming soon to Pardes Chana, the retro bar cart craze. 

Coming round for a drink?



One Response to “All Bar None”

  1. Andrew J. Gephart November 28, 2011 at 01:44 #

    Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that’s a really big compliment lol

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