Update: Thirty before 30

7 Nov

So really, not only have I entirely neglected this here little blog as I wholeheartedly vowed not to do when I began this dance, but I’ve also failed to complete my not-very-difficult-at-all list of thirty things to do before I turn 30. Which is TOMORROW. 

Let’s review.

  • Move flats for the 6th time in 4 years (note: not an aspiration! We have no choice!) – Completed, loving our new home! 
  • Take my driving theory test  – Inside my head, this is done. 
  • Start regular Acupuncture sessions – Begun, switched to Homeopathy.
  • Successfully make Ilana & Desi’s flower-shaped challah – Gah, not yet. Who has the freezer space, I ask you? 
  • Complete the Spielberg collection marathon (only 6 films to go!) – 50% done! 
  • Visit my lovely pal Marjolein inAmsterdam – Bah humbug, it’s planned for the Spring though… yippee!
  • Lose 13 pounds (shall we aim for 5?!) – Only 3 so far… 
  • Visit the Dialogue in the Dark museum, Holon – Nope!
  • Decide once and for all if I’m continuing to cover my hair (either way, dye it pink. underneath). Ooh this was a biggieDecided to stick with it for now – it’s not pink yet… 
  • Become a meal-planning whiz. More ‘ok at it’ than whiz?
  • Make 3 new friends in Pardes Chana.  Happy to say I achieved this one!
  • Give up coffee (eeeeek).  Are you kidding? I’m almost in my 30’s, I’m gonna need all the caffeine I can get.
  • Print, make & frame a collage of our wedding photobooth pics. This is totally in progress.
  • Read ‘Honeymoon with My Brother’ – Franz Wisner. Done and recommended, a wonderful read.
  • Find a chavruta – Not even close. Any ideas?
  • Get really, stupidly, silly drunk … one last time.   – Done, and there’s no way it’s the last time!!
  • Bake a 4-layer rainbow cake. Not yet, but I’ve got a Friday Of Baking coming up!!
  • Pray at the Kotel. It’s been too long – If only it wasn’t a 2hr drive…
  • Buy a Holga (a Diana.F please, Santa) & learn how to use it to take pretty pictures. Done, can’t wait to see how my 1st reel turns out 🙂
  • Paint something – a picture, a door, a chair, many chairs, maybe a teapot. You used to love to paint – Done – mirror & shelves, you’re welcome. 
  • Sponsor a kiddush at shul (Note: This is SO grown-up I might die). On 2nd thought, this might be more of a 35 y.old activity. Decided.
  • Donate uni books to the 2nd-hand bookshop –  Packed & ready to go…
  • Spend a quality evening with my beautiful niece, Orly.  She cancelled on me, Justin Bieber was sneezing that night. Way more important, obv.
  • Get semi-permanent eye lashes. Thought better of putting glue on my eyeballs. You see? My 20’s are slipping away as we speak… 
  • Organise regular volunteering for Team Mazor at the local soup kitchen – In progress, waiting for someone to assign us!
  • Start the novel you’ve always wanted to write. Done. 2 lines count, right?
  • Have a blood test for the BRCA1 gene.  This, it turns out, is a Pandora’s box. Not yet done, but on hold. 
  • Complete all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls.  Humbug, caught in the middle of season 4.  Why I ever thought I was a Lorelai I do NOT know. 
  • Have your diamond set.  Accomplished! It’s soooo sparkly, I love it 🙂
  • Sleep in an Indian teepee. Unaccomplished. boo. On hold until Pesach vaca!
To make myself feel better, here are the things which have happened which were not on the list:
  • Fell in love with Zooey Deschanel all over again in ‘New Girl’
  • Had my parents’ super 8mm wedding film put onto DVD
  • Made my Mum cry watching said wedding video
  • Caught my 1st cold of the winter season
  • Met & made friends with 4 new babies (Hi Jonah, Joe, Mika & Simmy!)  
  • Took afternoon tea at the v.swanky St.Pancras Hotel 
  • Asked the hubby to make me 1 item for my birthday with his own hands – our house is now brimming with exciting new features (like cute new spice shelves, a mini-staircase for my bedside books, a funky shoe rack, plant shelves & a Toadstool!) all created by my very own partner in crime. Amazingness!
Disregarding these lists and randomly invented goals, how do I feel on this last night of my twenties? Actually a bit weird, and not just because of my cold/swollen glands/sore throat.  It feels so big. It is a milestone, even if everybody else wants to ignore it this year! Your twenties belong to the beginning bit in life, they’re the extension of your teenage years and school/summer camp/childhood memories still don’t seem like they happened all that long ago. It feels ‘big’ to me, this birthday, because the rest is so unknown. There’s no map for this bit. We jump. 
Onwards, soldier! 

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