Kickin It

9 Sep

It’s officially the weekend in my part of the world! Am quite relieved that summer’s beginning to wind down (erm, I surmise this from a random  cool breeze that floated in last night) and in general, less heat  = less complaining.  

Plans for the weekend are as follows:  Meet new baby niece, decide if I like her name or not, buy fake grass & fit to new balcony, sing ‘Sing’ at least twice, reorganise bookshelves in a system only I understand, drink a ton of Lemonana, admire new fake grass on balcony, bake a batch of white chocolate & limecookies and salty pretzels, hug my D a lot (he’s off to Kazakhstan soon. need I say more?), ponder whether other food for shabbat meals is required or if cookies & pretzels will suffice, pick paint colours for redecoration, work on 2 secret projects (mwahaha!), call my Grandma, eat some seaweed, sleep.

Oh, and rejoice in the wonder, the island of time that is Shabbat, go to shul, see some friends, eat some kugel, hug my D, sleep. 

I leave you with The Groggers (thank you O) whose videos make me laugh and cringe simultaneously. I call it L’cringe. Happy weekending x 


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