And The Runner Up Is….

8 Sep

Birthday cake.  It’s a serious business. In our day and age, let’s be honest, you just can’t take cake seriously enough. The stakes are high. How to achieve the perfect balance of yummyness, sweetness, surprise elements & the ooh factor? In preparation for birthdays upcoming, ladies and gentlemen, the contenders so far…

White confetti cake – perfect birthday fare…

Red velvet & strawberries layer cake. Dear lord.

Candlelit cupcakes. Like tiny, delicious pillows…

Pretty flower cupcakes. Standard, am a bit over cupcakes(?!) but still lovely!

Stripes! Love me a good layer cake, I’d change the icing.

Chocolate Guiness cake for the win. And for the Irishness! Yum.

Gorgeous, have no idea what’s on the inside but oh-so-grown-up!

There we have it. Submit your votes now, folks. You may be tasting one of the above, come November! x


One Response to “And The Runner Up Is….”

  1. Josie September 8, 2011 at 20:54 #

    WOW! all the above please!!! :-)))

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