From Russia With Love

11 Aug

So the huzzy is away, for what seems like an awfully long time. Two weeks in all, which is probably the longest time we’ve spent apart in our 2.5 sparkly years together. Sure there was the 1o-day gap after we just met, when I scarpered off to London for Pesach, or the various business mini-trips he’s taken to Europe at conveniently inappropriate times. (Engaged? Off to Turkey! Getting married? Germany needs you! 1st year Anniversary you say? Get thee to France!)  But Russia? Two weeks? Ay gevalt.  

This time, however, I honestly feel much sorrier for him than for me.  Russian folk, don’t you get all insulted. There are good reasons for my sympathy! The D is a strictly kosher kinda guy (this isn’t an abuse of an American Jewism, he really keeps kosher kosher)  leaving him with very few options in the gastronomic wilderness of Moscow.  There’s lots of bread, pickles and salty fish, but guess who was born Sephardi?  If inherited tastebuds weren’t enough of an obstacle, we’re also incredibly spoilt here in Israel with fresh produce that winds its way onto our plates no more than a week after picking.  And we eat tons of the stuff! Fruit tastes like you imagined it would when you were a child, and vegetables are grown in season. You can only get mangoes in the summer, strawberries strictly in the winter and avocado season is in the spring.  Hence I sent him packing with a large bottle of multivitamins and the number of the Israeli embassy.  Y’know, in case of a vitamin deficient emergency. 

 Some people can’t imagine travelling abroad and being unable to sample local ‘delicacies’ or get a feel for the foodie scene.  But the man has principles and he’s stickin’ to ’em! So this is a shout-out to Dotan, who is currently existing on canned tuna, energy bars, Osem cakes, cup-a-noodles and sachets of “soup” that one should really only consume when camping, starved of all else to eat or er, in Russia (t’says so on the packet). 

Only 7 days to go! I seriously miss you, fool! 

(I know, I realise you’re all squished up in this one, but I really like what my scarf’s doing here, and reminds me that winter is coming. Winter Is Coming. See what I did there?)  x    


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