Get Up, Stand Up

4 Aug

August 2011, and we find ourselves here in Israel in the midst of the Summer Of Protest. Contrary to those who are certain this is an offshoot of the Arab Spring, the culture of demonstrations, protest and dissent in this country is (sometimes unbearably) innate! An instruction can barely be given in Israel without someone instantaneously piping up – “Lama?!” (WHY?). But be it those lining our cities up and down the country with tents and teepees in a stand against house prices and rising rent, the doctors,  nurses, students and their bales of hay, the entire middle-class, or those still harping on about gas prices and cottage cheese – the wonderful thing about this summer of protest is that it has got everybody talking, and there’s nothing I love more than a heated debate. Not only that, but it is happening peacefully.

I haven’t stepped onto a bus, train or sherut without overhearing a mini-debate on house prices, or on the slew of laws now being hastily passed in the knesset as an attempt to deal with the realities of the Israeli economy, and I love it! I appreciate the interaction between people of differing classes, backgrounds and religious sensibilities happening, the momentum and energy of the protest – whatever you feelings about it – is hard to resist.  It is so, so difficult to get those people to sit down and talk at any normal time, that public transport seems the perfect place for it to happen! I’m enjoying the show. I’m also grateful to those in their tents in this heat, protesting on my behalf.  As a young couple, both of us with full-time jobs but unable to imagine buying a house here anytime soon, we should also be out there (preferably in a snazzily decorated teepee) but er, actually we’re at work.  All day.  Tent community, I’m not sure if you’re unemployed or just flimsy, but from my work desk to your futons and tent-duplexes, thanks.

Also, Harry Potter is over. My, this summer is eventful. I will happily admit that I shed a few silent tears for Snape while watching the (awesome) Deathly Hallows part II.   While reading the books, Snape’s real deal was always the biggest mystery for me and having reached the end, ultimately the most heart-wrenching.  So much more adult, the unrequited, obsessive love story built around Snape and Lily is so tragic it puts the ‘Harry Vs. Voldemort’ arc  in the shadows,  helping us to realise that while this may have originally been marketed as a childrens’ book, Snape’s story was one for the adults, and it was there all along. I cried at the sadness of being in love with someone who never loved you back, who forgot about you, the pain at seeing them with someone else, and the wretched idea that he just never got over it.  Then I remembered he was a literary invention, and marvelled. Well done, JK Rowling. The HP books were a mishmash, a tapestry of ideas borrowed from the greatest literature around, but with Snape’s story you captured my heart, and that is really the gift of a great storyteller.

And so the last month of true, deep-heat summer is upon us. The month where the aim of each day is to not melt into a puddle on the pavement, and to remember that any attempt at wearing jeans is simply foolish.  The hubby is about to escape this unbearable hotness for a business trip to the former Soviet Union. While he’s busy dodging mafiosos and a nationwide obsession with latex and all other synthetic fabrics, I’ll be making attempts at rainbow layer cakes a la Bonbi Forest – –  and preparing for another move – our next challenge!  If you have any tips on baking layer cakes, share them here now, or my disastrous attempts will be mailed to you in the post and the very moudly rainbow crumbs that fall onto your lap when you open up my pretty, pretty envelope will be your retribution for NOT SHARING.

Ciao for now



2 Responses to “Get Up, Stand Up”

  1. Oriyah August 4, 2011 at 13:18 #

    A Lovely post as always, but you are meant to preface things with “SPOILER ALERT” if you’ve got one in there. Boo, hiss. Now I need to wait another couple of years for the poor memory to kick in before hitting up the HP.

    • danniibee August 4, 2011 at 14:06 #

      Oh duckie, it’s been 10 years since the books began and all the films started coming out. Shame on you if you haven’t reached the end yet! Also, it honestly doesn’t spoil much. But also, SPOILER ALERT. Just for you.

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