RIP Trouty Mouth

3 Jul

He’s not dead, don’t freak out. But the beautiful Sam has been fired from Glee! Panic! How could they end the season with Mercedes & Sam secretly dating, and then destroy all hope of ever seeing their potential cuteness on screen?! Why, oh makers of Glee, why? Who knows why, or what the hell kinda peeps they have running the show over there, but oh how I shall miss you Trouty Mouth.  You’re bloody gorgeous, and we love your mouth. Your singing weren’t half bad either. 

In tribute to the bee-yootiful Chord Overstreet and his voicebox- oh wait, on Friday I discovered he has a heckuva lotta siblings – could he be MOT? Too hopeful? – some of which are called things like Nash & Harmony.. loves it! RIP Trouty Mouth. It won’t be the same withouts you, blondie. 

You had me at ‘Lucky’..

You put The Beeb to shame with the weird ass dancing.. *swoon*

And not to be missed – Chord’s guest spot Hot Chelle Rae vid:


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