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Piece of Skirt

14 Jul



Given that the Olsen twins are usually dressed like scary old witches/homeless bag ladies, this here pic has to be given props.  When I spied this snap of Mary-Kate walking her dog, my eyes almost melted and I literally went ‘ooooh!’.  I love the whole, elegant combo. Even the water bottle appears to add something here.  If I were a pointless fashion magazine I might write something like ‘oozing with style’. Yep, that’s what I’d write if this were a pointless post fashion magazine.  


The Summer

13 Jul

‘If I could bottle up the sea breeze I would take it over to your house
And pour it loose through your garden
So the hinges on your windows would rust and colour
Like the boats pulled up on the sand for the summer
And your sweet clean clothes would go stiff on the line
And there’d be sand in your pockets and nothing on your mind..’

I love this.  Sometimes we’re just somewhere else, completely. 


11 Jul

Three years ago,  I would’ve had this photo made into wallpaper and plastered it across the walls of my terribly cute, single-gal-in-the-city apartment. How tiring and disheartening it is to just… keep… going.  This little post is  a heartfelt and unabashed shout-out to all my single ladies who are searching for their jigsaw piece. 

For unknown reasons, some folks get married and make believe that they were never, ever single.  That they never got drenched in the dating pool, or went speed dating, got set up by their auntie or on one too many blind dates for it to even be funny/exciting anymore. For those of us that weren’t magically married off or shacked up at 23, or 25, or 27, the heartbreak, disappointment and exhaustion of single-life dating is not soon forgotten, despite having found a partner with whom to play house and while away long summers.  Contrary to the patronising and often hurtful assumptions of  Married Friends, it ain’t no picnic to force yourself to get “back out there” time and time again, to sustain a belief in destiny or the ever-elusive ‘one’ that will change your life forever when faced with the uphill slog that is dating.

It’s not that married people forget, it’s just that they have numbed the pain with a long-term relationship. How I longed to skip all the coffees and dinners and walks in parks, and get to the ‘real’ bit. I didn’t realise that the long, arduous dating journey helped me understand what I was really looking for, what I was open and closed to, and just how much I didn’t like walking through parks with guys I barely knew.  

In the face of the strength that so many of you have found within to keep going, not just on auto-pilot but with positivity and optimism, this here blogger wants to say – give yourselves a break. You are amazing, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-qualified, talented women who will all meet the guy or gal that is going to make you extraordinarily happy. You are going to change someone’s life completely, and when they meet you, they are going to absolutely love you.  For now, revel in your life ‘before’;  in moulding and developing your own passions,  enjoy it despite the sometimes lonely and haunting background music, take care of yourself and be happy, and let them come find you

RIP Trouty Mouth

3 Jul

He’s not dead, don’t freak out. But the beautiful Sam has been fired from Glee! Panic! How could they end the season with Mercedes & Sam secretly dating, and then destroy all hope of ever seeing their potential cuteness on screen?! Why, oh makers of Glee, why? Who knows why, or what the hell kinda peeps they have running the show over there, but oh how I shall miss you Trouty Mouth.  You’re bloody gorgeous, and we love your mouth. Your singing weren’t half bad either. 

In tribute to the bee-yootiful Chord Overstreet and his voicebox- oh wait, on Friday I discovered he has a heckuva lotta siblings – could he be MOT? Too hopeful? – some of which are called things like Nash & Harmony.. loves it! RIP Trouty Mouth. It won’t be the same withouts you, blondie. 

You had me at ‘Lucky’..

You put The Beeb to shame with the weird ass dancing.. *swoon*

And not to be missed – Chord’s guest spot Hot Chelle Rae vid: