Chalk It Up

14 Jun

This post has nowt to do with drugs, bongs, ho’s or masses of smoke (see modern misuse of “chalk it up” in ye urban dictionary), but lots to do with old fashioned blackboards. Why? For starters, it’s Tuesday and really, nothing else is happening in the world.  Also, they may have been replaced in schools with fancy white, computerised boards but chalkboards are back in style, appearing now in a wedding/restaurant /photobooth/friends’ kitchen near you!  Alright, people have got a bit carried away with them at weddings recently, but drunk people need signeage, especially in chalk, so it’s justified. I don’t like that they remind me of having to solve maths problems on the board in front of the whole class, but I do like the sound of chalk hitting a blackboard, scratching out a picture or message, and the little clouds of dust it makes. I like the old fashionedness of a chalkboard, and that noawadays they come in speech-bubble shapes and possibly every other shape you can imagine. Get one.  Put it somewhere in your house. Your life will be better.

Speech-bubble shaped chalkboard from the Red Velvet Art girls! 

Seriously, what’s not to love about them?! This could be you, really soon.

Chalkboard photobooth prop & pics from Junebug Weddings – 



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