Woman Flu

12 Jun

 Un Weekend, June 2011

Thursday–  Fever, runny nose, achey, grapefruits have made homes in my throat. Oh fun, ‘Beginng of Summer’ cold is here. Thank you Israel Rail for freezing us with unecessary A/C on 6.20am train, my fellow train travellers who won’t cover their mouths when sneezing/coughing/breathing,  and the office managers who don’t know that it doesn’t have to be winter inside, when it’s summer outside. Wondering whether it might be a plan to cancel shabbat guests? 

Friday – Sneezles, sore throat, bit of glass have replaced gracefruit. Less achey. A thank you to Halls, Riccola & unknown Israeli brand of sweet sucky things helping me to swallow again. Resigned to idea of not attending good friends’ baby party, or going to the supermarket, or anywhere outside of the house that requires energy or movement. Last minute decision to cook & not cancel guests. Hoping they won’t catch the lurgy from me. Obsessively washing hands in fear. Realise I’m spending more time washing hands than cooking, back to Nigella.  Not sure if I’m standing or floating. What is a quart? Back hurts. Headache gone, less stuffy, more sneezly, would like to sit down for the rest of eternity, amen. 

Dinner – Table is set, I am showered, attempts to de-stuff nose in the shower steam may have worked. Homemade bruschetta appears, good & happy friends arrive, red wine flows, salmon en croute, lasagne, mexican salad,  cauliflower & caramelised onion tart and sweet potato salad . No idea where this food came from, do not recollect cooking all day which means cocktail of cold-flu drugs may be working.  Warm apple pie, ice cream & crunchy fresh grapes make me feel a whole lot better.  

Sleep –  Fever breaks. Praise be. 

Brunch – Can breathe! Can hear, can smell, can taste! Hello long lost visiting friends from London! Like my senses, am very glad to have you here. Why so buoyant, you ask? Thanks for coming to visit us on your travels up north, we have missed you. And yes, you may take Q-tips and make us laugh lots before you leave. Come back soonly!

Teatime –  Healed. Down to minimal sneezles, a cough & feelings of restfulness. Love of a wonderful man & company of giggly friends = direct impact upon health. Are there essays on this? Oatmeal-raisin cookies, smushy brownies,  hot tea & honey and it’s g’bye Shabbat… it’s been good. 


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