Thursday Treats!

2 Jun

(Title borrowed from the pink-haired blogger herself, but it’s just this 1 time… humdeehumhum #flattery)

Read: ‘When God Was A Rabbit’, by Sarah Winman

“There are books that tug on the heartstrings, and then there are full-on tractor pulls. When God Was a Rabbit falls into the latter category. Sarah Winman’s debut novel has been attracting a great deal of buzz lately, as tearjerkers sometimes will; add to which, her prose also has an elegiac, simple beauty, which she uses to nimbly guide her characters through 30-odd eventful years of history.” To read the rest of the review: Loved this book! 

Gaze: Straight from Rock N’Roll Bride this week, an authentically sweet 50’s stylee wedding bash, minus the kitsch. Some couples try TOO hard, but this couple pulled it off, I think it’s the focus on the ‘big’ stuff instead of idiotic typewriters and colour-schemed flowers.  I especially love the beautiful black & white shots and oh… her dress! Dreamy! 






Photography Credit: Nick Tucker Photography

Do: Picnic season is upon us! HUZZAH! Get out your cupcake, muffin & madeleine moulds people, it’s delicious but snazzzzzy finger-food time. Nothing like a useful Infographic to help us out with the criteria for le Perfect Picnic:  

Pause: Ya, not entirely sure what this print means yet, but I do know it makes me want all of the other hand-drawn prints in this gal’s shop! This’ll be perfect for providing our guests with ponderous moments in their v.official Guest Toilet. From ‘dazeychic’ shop on Etsy.


Un Bon Weekend!



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