Coffee & Croissant

1 Jun

It’s 10.30am, I haven’t eaten since my brekky of Bran flakes & banana at 6am and I slowly realise that Once-A-Week-Treat-Day has rolled around. Oh, joy! My eyes glaze over, hands reach for a wallet, legs walk me to the lifts out into the brilliant sunshine and down to the coffee shop conveniently located right.underneath.our offices.  Long-haired baristas greet me warmly, have a little flirt, serve me mocha lattes, raspberry muffins and almond croissants, wrap me in cotton wool & I close my eyes, floating away in a Once-A-Week-Treat-like bliss.  

Back at my desk, my body relaxes into my only caffeine hit of the day, crunchy toasted almonds and their naughty cousin – Delicious Almond Paste – chase my cares away, and I can close my eyes, dream of summer holidays, romantic getaways,  orange orchards and strolling through California vineyards, before another goddamned email pops up on my screen and the whole f*@#ing day starts all over again. 



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