The Year of Cotton

26 May

According to the wisdom of the ancients, or maybe Hallmark, each year of a marriage is supposed to be marked with a traditional gift. Lots of peeps are familiar with silver, ruby and golden wedding anniversaries – the cool ones. What about poor old tin? wood? How about cotton? That is what we celebrated last weekend-  our first year of marriage, the year of cotton. We embraced the event of our first ever anniversary at the beautiful Mt.Zion boutique hotel, which overlooks the valleys of Jerusalem and the Old City. We slept in a Moroccan princess’ boudoir, swam, ate wonderful food, received surprise gifts from my awesome family & marvelled at the passing of an entire year.

In the US, the first year is marked by paper, which is quite rubbish. It seems like a v.flimsy material to mark the completion of an entire year of marriage – a year of foundation building, fortifying a relationship, all that good ‘rock solid’ stuff. Paper? shmeh. I like cotton. Cotton is fresh and simple. It’s durable, can be dyed crazy sortsa colours, and it’s versatile. All these things are good and provide easy and reusable metaphors for marriage, for example. Also, the gemstone that marks a 1st wedding anniversay is the freshwater pearl –  just like the tiny ones, embedded in even tinier circles of rubies, that I wore in my ears on our wedding day a year ago.  How did it go by so quickly? Happy 1 year to us! 




2 Responses to “The Year of Cotton”

  1. Katie May 27, 2011 at 18:38 #

    Did you get a cotton gift? Here it is paper as well for the first year – i agree that paper is flimsy and rubbish but it can mean books, for example.
    Happy 1st anniversary – I can’t believe it was only a year ago, it was such a beautiful, happy day!

  2. דותן June 1, 2011 at 15:14 #

    d, you forgot the most important thing about cotton:

    IT’S SO FLUFFY!!! 😛


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