Magic Parcels

25 May

Having spent the last 4 days lying on the couch feeling very sorry for myself, and not especially healthy, a little box of cheer arrived on our doorstep yesterday that finally got me off the couch and into the kitchen. The new Hummingbird recipe book ‘Cake Days’ – that’s the magic!  Not only that, but ‘Gluten-Free Girl & The Chef’, a collaboration between one of my favourite bloggers & her hubbie, arrived – rejoice! – which I also cannot wait to delve into. I’ve already devoured Danny’s notes on the importance of mise en place, and can’t wait to begin trying out their adventurous, healthy recipes.

 Of course after tearing open my new cookbooks, my next thought was – what would a long summer ahead of cooking, experimenting and tasting be without new accessories? Nothing like a 1950’s-housewife-esque thought to get you shmying through fancy aprons online. I was mostly eyeing up Icemilk Aprons, and the always pretty Anthropologie versions that are cute enough to be worn in front of real-life human guests, but not TOO cute to be covered in chocolate frosting / browned butter Asparagus dressing / mini Mojito cupcake mixture. Oh you heard me, MINI MOJITO CUPCAKES. mmmm.  

The last time I was flat out on the couch for 4 days, I lost my cooking/baking/creative mojo for months.  It was sad, but I couldn’t push past it. I knock-out-belly-flop refuse to let it happen this time – onwards, apron-wearers & cookie cutters, once more unto the breach!



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