Creme Eggs & Ham

25 May


It’s Creme Egg season! For those of you that #fail to completely grasp the importance and brilliance of Twitter, understand this: Last week a total stranger who lives in Israel but was born in Scotland, took a trip back to the UK. I follow this person on Twitter, and he follows me, presumably because we have a lot of friends in common, we’re both in Israel and neither one of us appears to tweet anything particularly offensive/politically motivated/moronic/annoying.  This is the case with most of the people mutually following each other in the Twittersphere. Anyway, this total stranger offered to take requests for snacks to bring back from the UK – just for fun and out of sheer kindness! What is the brilliance of Twitter? There’s a box of Creme Eggs (or maybe just 1 egg –  Channah might scoff them on the drive home…)  waiting for me in Jerusalem right now, that a total stranger bought me, all the way on a ‘plane, just for kicks. It’s not a social network you say? You don’t get it, you say? Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. The kindness of semi-strangers. Do you get that?


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