On Beauty

17 May

It’s easy to find a lot of everyday things to be ‘pretty’.  We have very pretty morning drives to work, crisp sunshine and horses grazing in lilac covered fields, and we have very pretty sunsets on the way home.  People will sometimes wear pretty clothes to work, or I will often notice a very pretty face taking a run or on their way to work. It’s really rare for me to call something ‘beautiful’.  It seems a much deeper feeling is called for, for ‘beautiful’.  I so much like the way all kinds of objects, faces, people and places are subjectively beautiful, and how beauty is dependant on so many random things all coming together at once, for just one person.  And the person seated right next to you may see nothing, nothing at all.  

For me, beauty has a lot to do with hope. When I was single, I pored over photos and blogs of the most gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful weddings and sweet engagement sessions brimming with happy couples. Now that I’m married, I find pictures of happy-looking pregnant women the most beautiful thing. Don’t get me started on babies. These are things I hoped and hope for, and seem beautiful to me. One of the most beautiful images I have in my mind is based solely on hope – that of a large, happy, boisterous family of teenagers seated around a warm and inviting dining room table, my husband and I glancing contentedly at each other from time to time, both admiring and gazing in wonder at our grown-up children.                                          

We live in a world where ugliness sometimes takes over. It’s impossible to get through the day without hearing or reading a tragic story, and a lot of ugliness has taken place in this country in the last few days especially. I think it’s important to just take a second and recall all the kinds of beauty I know exist in the world.  Natural beauty, female beauty, beauty that lies in hope, or a simple basket of yellow sunflowers. 






























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