Monday Munchies!

16 May

Gluten Free Girl’s Roasted Veg  & Brown Rice Salad 

My girl-crush of 2011 is Shauna, the gluten free girl, with her twisty-turny life stories. From reading her blog, it’s clear she has a deep, all-embracing passion for food, cooking, her husband, daughter and their (seemingly blissful) life together on a rural island surrounded by organic farms. Alright for some, innit?! I love her writing and her recipes both, but I especially love her dedication to the organic, gluten-free lifestyle they have chosen, and her commentary that comes with every recipe. Her new recipe book is on its way to me.  Huzzah! 


Smitten Kitchen’s Cinnammon Swirl Buns

OMG. These look far too delicious to maybe even be eaten. Such a naughty and indulgent treat, I’m still waiting for the perfect Friday morn to show itself so I can jump out of bed (yes, sometimes I jump) pour us some fresh OJ and pop these into the oven. When you see her other photos of preparing this yummyness, you won’t be able to resist. I can almost smell the cinnammony goodness…  


Whole Living’s Blueberry-Flax smoothie –

In February the huzzy and I completed a month-long detox programme, mainly based on Whole Living’s 28-Day Mind & Body challenge (we do love us a bit of Martha).  Since then, we don’t have bread during the week, only on shabbat (who can resist freshly baked challah on a Friday night?!) and pasta has been banished! D is generally much better at sticking to the healthy living, my general lack of discipline is a bit of an obstacle. But we still use a lot of recipes from Whole Living and their smoothies are great! Go find a porch swing and kick back with one of these treats… 



Eat Love Jump’s Spinach & Feta Squares –

My last Monday Munchie is direct from my good pal Jo, a wonderful cook and even better friend, who used to keep us posted on Eat Love Jump until her gorgeous little baby came along and was so darn cute it was impossible to return to blogging! Never mind a full-time job, house to keep or sleepless nights, who wants to look at a computer screen when you have a smushy ball of fun called Tzur to play with?! Seriously though, this is a real-time petition for Jo to make her blogging comeback in 2011, to entice us all once again with delicious recipes and mouth-waterningly good food photography.

Come on back Jo, you’re missed! 

Bon Appetite x


One Response to “Monday Munchies!”

  1. Jo May 17, 2011 at 13:29 #

    Thank you so much for the compliments (my cooking and my baby are blushing)and thanks for the inspiration… Eat Love Jump just might make a comeback in the next few weeks…. we shall see…but I appreciate the petition and I LOVE YOUR BLOG. You rock!

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