Sunday Shmooze

15 May

Sunday’s kind of a slow work day at our offices here in Israel. The rest of the world is still weekending, brunching, Little League-ing, shopping and relaxing while I’m back at my desk before 8am, usually feeling as if the weekend never really happened. But it’s not the all-systems-go feeling of a European Monday morning that you come back to. It’s a slow, evenly paced day to catch up on stuff you didn’t quite get to last week. Given this slow Sunday vibe, it also makes for a perfect shmooze day, where I post bits’n’bobs from around the ‘net and share them – instead of just bookmarking them for rainy day entertainment….

Buy: Tunebug – 

Spied an article on these tiny but freaking cool gadgets from a company called Tunebug in ‘Company’ magazine and immediately thought of my little bro and his penchant for extreme sports – especially those involving snow and the possibility of breaking all your bones in one go. Question is, to Shake or to Vibe? 

Read: ‘The Genizah at the House of Shepher’ by Tamar Yellin.

A fantastic read, a review on Amazon says ‘the author’s debut novel is warm and engrossing, rich with historical detail and unmet yearning.’ The central plot of the myserious ‘codex’ is intriguing, but it’s the Shepher family history that makes for the most thrilling part of this book. I literally couldn’t put it down. 

Do:  Holiday Wreaths –

I realise it’s not even close to Christmas time, and I don’t even celebrate it, but gosh darn I love the decorations – and just look at these awesome wreaths that this lady has blogged about. I’m gona make me the tiny pompoms one, and insist it’s decorative art… 

Browse: ‘Moment in Time’ –

Summer is almost here, which in Israel also means the wave of summer weddings is gaining ground and almost upon us.  And by upon us I mean crashing down upon our unsuspecting heads. It literally is a giant wave once it gets started! Last summer, not including our own, we went to 5 weddings. Next month we have 3, and that’s only the month of June! Being the hopeless romantic that I am, however, there is no way I could begrudge the deluge of bridal showers, hen nights, weddings on work nights, sheva brachot and all the other madness involved when a couple decides to get hitched – everyone did it for us, and it was an amazing, beautiful and unforgettable time in my life! So with wedding season approaching, I’m turning to NOTHS for fab, personalised pressie ideas… 

Listen: ‘Jar of Hearts’,  Lea Michele –

Alright, so I’ve been a Gleek from the get-go. Make fun all you want (my siblings do) but I ♥ musical theatre, ain’t nothing wrong with that! In the Prom episode this week, Rachel sang her version of Christina Perri’s haunting hit song, which my sister introduced me to last year. Loved it. 

Post-It:  Lastly, a guy I follow on Twitter just posted a pic of the tea they’re putting together for his father’s stone setting today. And of course which rose-patterned tea set cropped up?!

Shavua tov – Happy Week! 


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