Milly Molly Mandy

15 May

I had an unexpected compliment from the huzzy the other night. He told me that Molly, of ‘Mike and Molly’ fame, reminds him of me. As soon as we started watching this show I had hoped he would say that – huzzah! Now, he didn’t mean it in a wibble-wobble way, not because we’re both *big* girls and like to make fun of ourselves. I think Molly’s awesome. I love her character’s sense of humour, played by Melissa McCarthy with impeccable comic timing and sweetness. p.s I also loved Melissa as Suki St. James, the role she became famous for in the US playing Lorelai’s best pal in ‘Gilmore Girls’, way more than either of those Gilmore goons. Loved her then as ‘the funny fat friend who’s also an amazing chef’, and I love her now as Molly.

I love Molly’s dress sense and love of berets, love her bedroom (hello? I’ve wanted lavender walls, she’s a primary school teacher and the only sane member of her domestic household. Right, that bit doesn’t apply to me so much. But all in all, her character is funny and great, she attends Overeaters Anonymous and makes cute speeches about always over-doing things in life, like cake. I can relate. Anyway, this is my shout out to Melissa McCarthy and her version of Molly – you’re fab! 



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