1661 or Samantha/Taranta

12 May

Do you know about this? They’re the 1661-ers, the women who look like they’re 16 from the back, but are closer to 61 from the front. In the UK, this isn’t actually a negative observation. No twin-sets or tweeds to be found on these ladies, they certainly dress ‘young’ for their age but they’re on-trend, slim and fabulous, and nobody’s criticising. Sure it’s a little disconcerting to realise that it’s not a teenager with their back to you at the bus stop but an ‘older lady’ in jeggings, but it never really freaked me out.

In Israel, the same idea exists in the form of  ‘Samantha/Taranta’ – meaning a good looking gal from the back, a mess from the front.  ‘Taranta’ is actually slang for a broken down, battered, hissing, banger of a car that should really be on the heap. Charming, eh? The reason I’m bringing this up today is as we drove into the supermarket parking lot last night, I noticed two young, pretty hot guys loading their car with bags, as one of their girlfriends stood by and watched. Then she turned around and I realised it wasn’t a girlfriend – it was their mother! Ew! Your dress is too short, lady! This happens to me all the time in Israel, I regularly spot a whole lot of mutton dressed as lamb, and it’s not at all unusual.  But let’s be honest – Mediterranean women look awesome, they’re in good shape, they eat healthily, they live long lives and there’s nothing ‘grannyish’ about these olive-oil drinking women. Israeli women, specifically, also refuse to go grey, dyeing their hair all kinds of insane ‘that was NOT your natural colour’ colours, and dress – unfortunately – like theyr’e 16.  Not like they’re 30, but like they’re 16. Like they’re heading to high school today to write notes in class & smoke outside the gates.  This I find bizarre and also a little sad.  It ain’t pretty.  Trinny & Susannah were here recently, I wonder why they didn’t spend ALL their time sorting this out of control societal issue?!  You know why? Because they are PRIME suspects for being 1661-ers themselves. Can’t you see it? Bon Appetite.



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