Hello World!

11 May

Teacups. Vintage and flowery, they remind me of Sunday afternoons at mygrandma’s house when she would break out the bridge rolls – smoked salmon and watercress – and the adults would sip milky tea from fine white china. While my little brother would sneak sugar lumps off the table and smile in glee as they melted in his mouth, and our smaller cousins raced around the rooms upstairs filled with old dusty cupboards, lamp shades, old beds and random furniture, I watched my Mum sip tea from rose patterned, gold-plated teacups, with the daintiest handles, wondering when I would be allowed at the table, when I would be allowed to drink from one of grandma Renee’s teacups. 

Fast forward. I’m 29. Two days ago we celebrated  the right to live freely in our country, and its’ 63rd birthday.  Remarkable – the state I live in is only 63 years old! What a bizarre idea for someone who grew up in England, country of Chaucer, Blake and Austen. Yet I remind myself while the state is only 63, this land is ancient. I’m old enough now to drink from rose patterned teacups,  but I am still a child in this country, that conceived our biblical figures,  has seen battles, wars, great romances, emancipation and the creation of a state that the world still battles over today. The fight is not won, our voice no longer heard as clearly, the struggle continues.

This is where  find myself, as I restart blogging in 2011. The sun’s shining like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t smell of BBQ & there’s only 9 hours left of work today. T’seems like a grand time to blog about life, and giant storms in teacups.


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